The Mr. Baby Show
Where We Live - Upper Newport Bay
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This is our neighborhood! Located just across the street from our house, the Upper Newport Bay Ecological Reserve consists of  752 acres of permanent open space.

Westward view across the street to our neighborhood from the ecological reserve.

Eastward view. Saddleback Mountain in background.

Sam, Matt, their Daddy and their Grandma at one of the lookouts.

Eastward view with Saddleback Mountain, Matt and Sam on the trail.

Southward view; the buildings in the background are the Fashion Island shopping/office complex.

Southeastward view. Sam and Mommy on Pregnancy Rock, where I sat 24 hours before Sam's birth.

East to northeastward view with Saddleback Mountain.

Sam adopting a "baby rock". The rock had its own plate and silverware at Christmas Eve dinner.

If you've got to live in Southern California, it helps to live here.